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3D wind attitude and motion reference

Measurement of 3D anemometer attitude and motion. This data product is bundled into DP4.00200, Bundled data products - eddy covariance, and is not available as a stand-alone download.

Litter chemical properties

Chemical measurements (carbon, nitrogen, and lignin) of litterfall collected from elevated traps, sorted to functional group. Measured every five years.

Barometric pressure

Barometric pressure is available as one- and thirty-minute averages for station pressure, which is determined from 0.1 Hz observations. Barometric pressure corrected to sea level and surface level (defined as water surface at aquatic sites and soil surface at terrestrial sites) is derived from station pressure averages and available at one- and thirty-minute increments. Observations are made by a single digital barometer located on the tower infrastructure and a single digital barometer located on the aquatic meteorological station.

Temperature of groundwater

Sensor based measurement of groundwater temperature in each well.

Soil microbe community composition

Counts and relative abundances of archaeal, bacterial, and fungal taxa observed in soil microbial communities

Flux footprint characteristics

The eddy-covariance flux measurement sources its information from an upstream surface, the footprint. Footprint characteristics provide the biophysical surface information of this time-varying area, necessary to distinguish temporal effects (e.g., biological activity) from spatial effects (e.g., changing wind direction). This data product is bundled into DP4.00200, Bundled data products - eddy covariance, and is not available as a stand-alone download.

Temperature at specific depth in surface water

Sensor based measurements of water temperature in lake and river sites. Temperature is measured at specific depths by a fixed-length buoy-mounted array of temperature sensors.

Plant foliar stable isotopes

Stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen in sunlit plant foliage samples. Collected from individual trees and shrubs in forest/shrubland sites or from bulk community-averaged clip strips in grasslands.

Herbaceous clip harvest

Dry weight of herbaceous vegetation harvested from individual clip strips, by functional type


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