The 'Cross-Domain Observational Metadata for Environmental Sensing (X-DOMES)' is an NSF/EarthCube project tasked to develop prototypes for the application of standards-based description of environmental sensor metadata, including provenance, that is paramount to automated data discovery, access, archival, processing, as well as quality control and assessment.

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SensorML urn:vaisala:sensor:PTB330.class.a

The PTB330 series digital barometer is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement.
The PTB330 barometers use the BAROCAP® silicon capacitive, absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala. This sensor features extremely high accuracy with excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, and outstanding temperature and long-term stability. All the PTB330 barometers come with a NIST traceable, factory calibration certificate.
The PTB330 can incorporate one, two or three BAROCAP®pressure transducers. When two or three sensors are used, the barometer continuously compares the readings of the pressure sensors against one another and provides information on whether these are within the set internal difference criteria. This unique feature provides redundancy in pressure measurement. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-vaisala-sensor-PTB330_class_a.html

SensorML urn:fugro:sensor:oceanor.wavesense.3

The Fugro OCEANOR Wavesense is An Inertial Sensor that measures the motion of a buoy floating on the ocean surface. The outputs of the sensor are a time series of 3-dimensional buoy motion and wave parameters like height, period and direction along with a number of other parameters. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-fugro-sensor-oceanor_wavesense_3.html

SensorML urn:teledyne.rdi:sensor:workhorse.long.ranger

Long-range, long-term, and reliable, the LONG RANGER is the best choice for gathering detailed data on seasonal and annual current structure fluctuations for scientific research and offshore oil and gas applications. Hundreds of Long Ranger units are currently deployed on environmental monitoring buoys, offshore oil rigs, and polar research moorings. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-teledyne_rdi-sensor-workhorse_long_ranger.html

SensorML urn:sunburst:sensor:SAMI-CO2

* Measures the partial pressure of carbon dioxide pCO2 in water from 200-600 μatm (ranges above 600 are available by request)
* Uses a highly precise and stable colorimetric reagent method
* Provide researchers with valuable in-situ time series data
* Depolyable to depths up to 600 meters
* Can be deployed in the ocean or in freshwater
* Long-term depolyments - can run for more than a year taking hourly measurements
* Can support up to 3 external instruments such as PAR, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll fluorometer, or CTD
* Can support inductive modems or external loggers if required.
* Biofouling Package available for deployments in productive environments https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-sunburst-sensor-SAMI-CO2.html

SensorML urn:nortek:sensor:signature55

The Signature55 ADCP is a current profiler that combines an ultralong range with a compact layout. Novel ADCP transducer design allows 1000 m profiles concurrent with slightly shorter-range, finer resolution measurements using two different frequencies in the same instrument. The more than 90% lower power consumption (compared to similar ADCPs) also permits long-duration deployments operating on internal batteries only. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-nortek-sensor-signature55.html

SensorML urn:whoi:mvco:mvco_workhorse_1200

SensorML for the RDI Workhorse 1200 deployed at Matha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-whoi-mvco-mvco_workhorse_1200.html

SensorML urn:fugro:sensor:seawatch.wavescan

The SEAWATCH Wavescan buoy is a versatile instrumentation platform ideally suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological (metocean) and water quality data. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-fugro-sensor-seawatch_wavescan.html

SensorML urn:gill:sensor:windsonic

The Gill WindSonic has been developed specifically for use as a low-cost alternative to traditional moving-parts wind sensors and is suitable for use in onshore or offshore environments. The WindSonic is a lightweight, robust unit, completely sealed and constructed in UV-resistance plastic. With a low start-up speed (0.01m/s) and no moving parts, the Gill anemometer exhibits significant benefits over standard 3- cup and propeller anemometers. The WindSonic requires no calibration or maintenance. Wind speed and direction data is provided via a serial bi-directional link, and the output may be configured by the user to provide a variety of communication formats, including a choice of units of measure and averaging periods. Sophisticated error checking and a fault reporting system are supplied as standard, ensuring the user s confidence in the reported data. The Gill WindSonic represents the best all weather solution on the market for providing reliable and accurate wind speed and direction information with virtually zero maintenance. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-gill-sensor-windsonic.html

SensorML urn:whoi:mvco:adcpProcessingSystem

Full processing system for the ADCP deployment at MVCO, version 2.2, including processing chain for QA/QC testing. https://xdomes.tamucc.edu/srr/sensorML/urn-whoi-mvco-adcpProcessingSystem.html


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